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Quick Review: Automatix2 for Amd64 Ubuntu Feisty

Automatix2 for Ubuntu 7.04 has just been released. What is Automatix2? From the site:

“Automatix2 is a free graphical package manager for the installation, uninstall and configuration of the most commonly requested applications in Debian based Linux operating systems. Currently supported are Ubuntu 7.04, 6.10, 6.06, Debian Etch and Mepis 6.

Our list of supported applications include a whole range of multimedia codecs, burning and ripping software, file sharing software, email clients, VoIP enabled chat clients, browsers, encryption software and a lot more!”

I am running 64bit Ubuntu Feisty. The selling point of Automatix2 for me is that it simplifies getting Flash player running (via 32bit Swiftfox), handling installation of codecs, etc… that can sometimes be a hassle using a 64-bit distro. It helps to make a true multi-arch system without any chroot hassles. It does all of the work. It also provides one place to get everything you want to install for a full featured operating system.

Installation was as simple as clicking a link and allowing Gdebi to install it. You can run it later from Application –> System Tools in Ubuntu and Main Menu –> System in Kubuntu.

Starting Automatix2 brings up an Information screen warning you that it is a crime in the United States to install w32 codecs, libdvdcss and other codecs without paying a fee to the concerned parties. It also advises not installing AUD-DVD codecs if you are a US resident. The land of the free and the home of the brave, baby. You have to agree to this screen to start.

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Automatix2 gives you software sections:

  • Burning and Ripping

  • Codecs and Plugins

  • Eyecandy

  • File Sharing

  • Miscellaneous

  • Web Browsers

  • Chat Clients

  • Drivers

  • Email Clients

  • Media Players and Edit

  • Office

  • Programming Tools

  • Utilities

Programs include Gaim 2.0 beta6 and Extras, 64-bit Multimedia codecs, 64-bit Sun JAVA 1.6 JRE, Azureus, Frostwire, aMule, Songbird, Mplayer, VLC, 32-bit Skype, Automatix read/write NTFS and FAT32 Mounter, Extra Fonts, KDE Extras, Google Earth, Krusader, OpenOffice Clipart, 64-bit Bluefish and Scribus, KFTPGrabber, 32-bit Swiftfox and Swiftfox Plugins, NDISWrapper, 64-bit Nvidia Driver, KDE Security Suite (includes ClamAV AntiVirus and Guarddog Firewall) and much more. There are other means of obtaining these, but Automatix2 makes it easy. Gnome applications are hidden by default, clicking the “Show gnome apps” button brings up a lot more choices, including VMware Player and Slab (the menu used in SLED 10). There is a description of each program, telling you what it is and what it does.

Everything installed without a hitch. A window opens showing a dialog of what is going on. My only complaint is that it does not provide version numbers, so there is no way of knowing if the Nvidia driver is newer than the one I am currently using, other than exiting the program and using Synaptic or something. Other than that, it couldn’t be simpler. You simply check what you want to install or uninstall, click “Start” and Automatix2 handles the rest.

There are a variety of ways to do what Automatix2 does, but I like its simplicity and ease of use. I continue to lack a lot of free time so I appreciate this program for what it does. If you lack the technical know how to get things installed, or even to know what you are looking for , I recommend Automatix2. It is a fine program. It is so simple, there isn’t much to say about it.

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Quick Links: E17 for Ubuntu

I was looking through this morning, laughing a bit at the disillusionment with Edgy, when I found an outstanding apt source for Enlightenment 17. SeerOfSouls provides third party packages for Ubuntu and Mandriva. I followed the instructions on the site and now have E17 running on Ubuntu. It is impressive. More on that soon. I look forward to switching to my Mandriva partition and checking out his 2007 rpms.

Click here for a link to the Ubuntu instructions.

If you haven’t checked E17 out yet, I recommend it. It really is amazing. It has a lot of shiny stuff, but reportedly will run on low end machines. Fancy eye candy without XGL/AIGLX/Beryl/Compiz etc… Elive is a live cd based on Enlightenment that allows you to easily try out E17. People seem to like it.

Side note: Thank you all for the response to last week’s article. More content is on its way very soon.

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Free Ubuntu Video Tutorials

Are you new to linux and running Ubuntu? provides free video tutorials. Subjects include:

  • Considering Ubuntu? This provides an overview and a few how-to’s for doing things like installing applications
  • Ubuntu is Installed, Now what? This shows you how to do various things including copying images from your digital camera or copying files from your MP3 player and more.
  • Install tells you how to install EasyUbuntu to get MP3 and DVD support. It also includes a clip on installing the Macromedia Flash Player.
  • Photos provides a tuturial on copying images from your digital camera.
  • Web shows you how to work with tabs, how to secure your web experience and add extentions to Firefox
  • You are also able to provide your own video clips

I am impressed with this site. It is an simple way to show someone unfamiliar with linux just how easy it is, without having to boot into a live cd. It will save me from providing free tech support, I can just send them to this website. With their next release on the horizon, Ubuntu continues to impress. A site like this will only help.

ThinkGeek - Cool Stuff for Geeks and Technophiles

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