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About Me

Linux Tech Daily is a one man operation at the moment, created and done by me, Rich Hughes.

I have been using Linux almost exclusively for about 7 years. I started using it when I was recovering from a brain aneurysm. I couldn’t really put sentences together at that point and wanted to do something to excercise my mind. I was at a bookstore, found RedHat 6.1 (I believe) and thought trying out this “Linux thing” I had read about was as good a thing as any. It was a great time to start. The last seven years have been very exciting. Things have gone from being a general pain in the ass to almost effortless. Linux and Free Software in general have really grown up over this period. The changes have been thrilling to see.

I have run Fedora (RedHat previously), Mandrake/Mandriva, SuSE, Gentoo, Slackware, Arch, PCLinuxOS and a variety of smaller distributions. Arch is probably my favorite, but I will always love Slackware. I currently run Ubuntu Edgy and Mandriva 2007 and have played around a bit with Fedora 6. I plan to get back to Slackware and Arch when I have a bit more time. I spend a lot of my time following tech news. I love reading geek wars in the comment sections of tech sites. The thing that constantly strikes me about the Free Software community is how passionate it is. We love things and hate things and we are always correct in our individual opinions. The other person is always wrong and we have a bunch of reasons why.

I am temporarily devoting myself to this site full time, so please click my ads here and there. If you use this site and like/dislike something, let me know. I’ll listen and probably change it.

My goal is for this site to become a great community site. The comments I have recieved thus far shows that my readers are very informed. I appreciate that and thank you for the time you take to do it.

Thank you for visiting,

Rich Hughes


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