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Quick Links: Helpful Internet Tips and Sites

Firefox Tweaks:

Element14 has a collection of very useful Firefox tweaks here. I the site when searching for the solution to an annoying firefox bug, when I would try to drag something to my Bookmarks Toolbar Folder a tooltip would open and cover where I was trying to drop the link. The solution was as simple as going to about:config and toggling the value for toolbar_tips to “false”. I found a bunch of other things here that I was unaware of, such as increasing speed, killing RAM usage to 10mb when minimized, adjusting tab width (very helpful when you have tons of tabs open as I tend to do) and other things. It is worth checking out.

Disposable Email:

This has been around for a while, and there are quite a few providers out there. For those unaware of Disposable Email, they are sites that give you a temporary email address. You can then provide this email address to a site requiring registration, without filling your normal inbox with spam. Emails are held on the server anywhere from 15 minutes to 7 days, longer at some sites. Guerrilla Mail provides you with an email address that they pick. You have 15 minutes to use it. They have a timer that starts counting down and a button that will give you 15 more minutes. The site is clean, the interface is simple and intuitive. There are no ads on the page. lets you pick your username, ending with, and a couple other ones. The mail stays on their server for 7 days. It is a nice looking and simple site. The only ad you see is on the mail page. Much better than ad cluttered sites like this one. One thing to remember is that this is insecure, both of these sites aren’t password protected. You shouldn’t be using them for anything sensitive anyway. I recommend each site, they do what they do very well.

Breaking Bad *nix Habits:

IBM provides this short tutorial; “UNIX tips: Learn 10 good Unix Usage Habits” . Some of these were bad habits I didn’t realize I had developed, like moving a .tar archive into the directory I am expanding it in, instead of just changing the path or piping grep to wc -1 instead of just giving it the -c option. Check it out, it is a helpful page. There is a lot of good stuff in their developerWorks section. Training and Tips:

Aptly titled Training, Tips and Ideas offers a wealth of information and links for Open Office. The information provided has plenty of screenshots to show you what to do. If you are like me and use OpenOffice but don’t dig down into it very often then this site may be a help.

Site News:

I plan to transition this site from Wordpress to Drupal in the next week, unless someone convinces me that it is a bad idea. I want this to be more of a community site. I will be tweaking the advertising in the near future. I want to bring you things relevant to you.

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March 9th, 2007 Posted by admin | quick links | 2 comments


  1. Hope the transfer to Drupal goes smoothly. Thanks for your advice re - bootloaders. What I’ve decided to do is completely re-install Fedora Core 6 and I know in the process a dual bootloader will be created. I’ve got the iso imagae, will burn to dvd later today and probably install it tonight (Saturday - how sad….).

    Comment by Steve | March 9, 2007

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