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I have added a forum to the site. I hope that some of you may find it useful. I will leave it up to the readers how it should shape up. If you are interested in moderating, drop me an email.

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OpenSUSE 10.2 Released

OpenSUSE 10.2 was released today. Torrents are here. The download page is here, It will be interesting to see the community reaction to this release. I feel bad for the OpenSUSE team. Novell put them in a bad position. The release features ext3 as the new default file system, Firefox 2.0, updated Gnome and KDE and an install add-on disc featuring proprietary software. It is a five cd set, they mention you only need the first 3 discs to install a default Gnome or KDE system in English or German. The announcement is here.
I tried running the 64bit release candidate. I had planned to review it.I wanted to give OpenSUSE an chance. I couldn’t give it a fair review. I hate Yast. I find it gets in my way. I couldn’t use it to edit grub properly. Software management was a nightmare. Updates were unbearable, loading software management took forever. I read that uninstalling zmd (the ZENworks Management Daemon) speeds things up, but I wasn’t able to accomplish this. I don’t know why, but I was caught in rpm hell, a phrase I hadn’t used in years. It was impossible for me to install GCC. Overall, it was a horrible experience and I was glad to wipe it from my hard drive. I understand that I was running a release candidate, but I have never had as many problems running an RC before. I am sure there will be plenty of glowing reviews of openSUSE in the semi-mainstream tech press, though. It looks pretty.

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